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Post Surgical Life and Compression Garments

We’re here to help you through your post-surgical and postpartum needs

If you’re anticipating surgery or expecting a child, recovery is a crucial consideration. Classic Shapewear offers a range of post-surgical and post-pregnancy shapewear designed to facilitate a comfortable and speedy recovery.

Waist Solutions: Recover post-pregnancy or after surgery with our waist control solutions. From waist cinchers to abdominal binders, these shapers flatten the stomach while providing gentle comfort and necessary support for proper healing.

Body Shapers: Target multiple body zones with full-body shapers, offering support from the torso and back to the hips, thighs, and buttocks. Ideal for post-operative recovery, these multi-tasking styles address various regions simultaneously.

Stabilizing Bands: For breast augmentation surgery, stabilizing bands aid in positioning implants securely with breathable support. Soft and comfortable, these bands assist in the recovery process without compromising comfort.

Nursing Tanks: Reclaim your pre-baby silhouette while nursing with our nursing tanks. Featuring quick and easy nursing access and supportive compression panels, these tanks assist in restoring your tummy to a flattened silhouette.

Compression Arm Sleeves: Offering upper arm support, compression arm sleeves improve posture and slim the arms. Ideal for those concerned about upper arm size, these sleeves fit comfortably under dresses and blouses.

Face and Neck Compression: After facial cosmetic procedures, use face and neck compression shapewear. With outward-facing seams for smooth support and Velcro openings for easy adjustments, these tools aid in a comfortable recovery.

Post-Liposuction Essentials: Enhance liposuction results with post-lipo shapewear. Tailored to cover post-operation areas, these designs provide support and compression in breathable fabrics for a comfortable recovery.

Classic Shapewear is committed to addressing diverse post-surgical and postpartum needs, ensuring effective solutions for various procedural and cosmetic concerns.


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