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Our garments support a strong recovery post BBL, lipo, lose weight, therapeutic after care and post partum

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Post Surgical Life and Compression Garments

If you expect to undergo a surgical operation or are currently expecting a child, we understand that the recovery process is likely on your mind. At Classic Shapewear, we offer a range of post-surgical and post-pregnancy shapewear designs that work to help make your overall recovery a comfortable and speedy one.

Waist Solutions

Strapless Short Shapewear

Bounce back after pregnancy, or plan a smooth post-surgery recovery with our selection of waist control solutions. From waist cinchers and abdominal binders to girdle belts, these shapers flatten the stomach area while providing the gentle comfort and adequate support that your body requires to properly heal.

Body Shapers Rather than focusing on one specific area of concern, full body shapers support different body zones, from the torso and back to the hips, thighs and buttocks. This intelligent design is a great choice for post-operative recovery and affects multiple regions in one multi-tasking style.

Stabilizing Bands

Renolife by Annette Stabalizing Band

If you plan to undergo breast augmentation surgery, stabilizing bands can assist with properly positioning the breast implants with secure but breathable support. Comfortable and soft, these bands are helpful in the recovery process and gentle enough for the post-surgical site.

Nursing Tanks Nurse your little one while you get your body back to its pre-baby state with the help of nursing tanks. This innovative post-pregnancy solution allows for quick and easy nursing access and provides supportive compression panels to restore your tummy to a flattened silhouette.

Compression Arm Sleeves Sleeved bodysuits and compression arm sleeves provide upper arm support and improve posture by gently pulling your shoulders back to reduce unpleasant back and neck strain. The slimming effect is also an excellent foundation for those who worry about the size of their upper arms and triceps, and the sleek design fits comfortably underneath dresses and blouses.


Face and Neck Compression Face and neck compression shapewear is a helpful component in recovering from cosmetic facial procedures such as face lifts or ear and chin implants. These helpful compression tools are made with outward-facing seams to keep the facial skin smooth and supported, and the Velcro openings allow for easy, non-bothersome adjustments as needed.

Post-Liposuction Essentials

Salome High-Back Liposculpture Girdle

Enhance the results of your liposuction procedure with the inclusion of post-lipo shapewear. These diverse designs cover any post-operation areas that require support and compression in breathable fabrics for a comfortable recovery. We’re here to help you through your post-surgical and postpartum needs, and our solutions are tailored to effectively meet all different kinds of procedural and cosmetic concerns.

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