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Shape-wear and Pregnancy

If you want to slim down that “post baby pouch,” that just seems very difficult and impossible to get rid of

Is wearing shapewear during pregnancy okay? This is a common question among women experiencing discomfort from the additional weight gained during pregnancy. Studies highlight several benefits to wearing shapewear during and after pregnancy. If you’re aiming to address the challenges of the “post-baby pouch,” consider the advantages of using shapewear.

There’s a common condition during pregnancy known as Diastasis Recti, caused when the uterus stretches the abdominal muscles, resulting in a noticeable bulge. Wearing shapewear during pregnancy can help prevent Diastasis Recti by alleviating some of the pressure on the uterus.

Several shapewear options cater specifically to pregnant women, offering various sizes and compression levels. Here are some common types:

  1. Maternity Support Panty:
    • Provides light compression to the abdomen, suitable for later stages of pregnancy.
    • Contains a reinforcement band for additional support to the belly area, preventing back pain.
  1. Seamless Pregnancy Shaper:
    • Offers more compression with a booty-lifting and thigh-slimming effect.
    • Provides compression below the belly, on the hips, below the rear, and on the lower back.
    • Features a soft material on the belly area to accommodate stomach growth in later months.
  1. Pregnancy Support Body Shaper:
    • Combines medium and high compression for butt lifting, waist tightening, and back support.
    • Features a crotch opening for convenience during restroom visits without removing the garment.
  1. Post-Partum Panty:
    • Specifically designed for women who have experienced Diastasis Recti.
    • Can be worn immediately after giving birth, even in the hospital.
    • Helps reduce the uterus and slim the tummy, with adjustable Velcro for comfort and tightening.

Wearing shapewear during pregnancy can offer both support and comfort. It’s essential to choose the right type of shapewear based on your preferences and needs during different stages of pregnancy.


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